EveryThing You Need to Know About Instagram

EveryThing You Need to Know About Instagram

Why do we need to know about Instagram? Because Instagram is the most popular social platform worldwide. Instagram is not only a social platform but now also a business platform as well. Instagram started its journey 10 years ago and now it has become the 3rd biggest social platform.

What is Instagram?

What is Instagram

Instagram started its journey in 2009 and this was just an idea to make such a type of platform. The photo and video sharing platform was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This photo and video sharing platform launched in 2010. 

The prototype of Instagram is a web app which is called Burbn. The app of Instagram launched on October 6, 2010, and across its 25,000 downloads in one day. It was a great start for Instagram. It makes a lot of users in a single day.

At the start of Instagram, it didn’t have all of the features which are used nowadays. Instagram continuously updates, makes a lot of changes, and adds many features.

 In the beginning, the main focus of Instagram is just on featured photos that are captured by mobile. In less than 2 years Facebook acquired Instagram. 

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock. In April 2012, Instagram along with 13 employees sold to Facebook. Now, Instagram has 2 versions: Website and app.

Differences Between the Instagram App and Website

Difference Between Instagram App and Website

Instagram allows you to use your Instagram account from your desktop but it doesn’t have all features which are provided to you in the Instagram app. You can scroll your new feeds, like comment and share the posts and send or receive messages, but it cannot allow you to create the post from your browser. You are also not able to upload Instagram stories from the Instagram web.

Important Features of Instagram

Features of Instagram

As the users of Instagram increases day by day, the features of Instagram are also increased. Instagram has a lot of features that can be used for different purposes. Instagram personal accounts having their features, business accounts having their features as well as creator accounts having their features. 

These features are according to the nature of your account, but some features are common in almost all kinds of accounts which are the basic features of Instagram. It can help you to customize your account.

The core features of Instagram are the following.

  • Instagram profile photo

The Instagram profile photo is a very important part of any Instagram account, profile photos are your identity. Most of the brands use the logo for their Instagram profile photo which is also called a display picture.

  • Instagram bio

Your bio is very important for your Instagram presence. Try to introduce yourself and your brand, but you have to give the shortest intro because the character limit for bio is short.

  • Bio link

You can add social links to your bio for social accounts like Facebook and Pinterest. Using Instagram there is a chance to send people off the platform with the only organic live link which is present in your bio.

  • Branding

You can use Instagram for branding purposes. Instagram allows you both business branding as well as personal branding.

  • Engagement

Instagram is the best way to engage your audience, which is a perfect way for business as well as to increase your followers. Engagement includes likes, comments, and shares.

  • Hashtags

Instagram posts and stories include hashtags the same as used in a Twitter post. Hashtags are the best way to increase your reach.

  • Post scheduling

The best and interesting feature of Instagram is post scheduling, which can save a lot of time. You can set the time for the post and it can be automatically posted on its time.

  • Direct Messages

It means you can send or receive messages directly to your followers, this is also the best way to engage more people with your account.

  • Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a feature in which you can share photos and videos and it will disappear after 24 hours.

  • Highlights

Highlights are the permanent version of stories, if you want to make stories able after 24 hours you can convert your stories into highlights.

  • Advertising

You can advertise your brands and promotions on Instagram just like you advertised it on Facebook. Instagram ads convert your followers into your customers easily.

Types of Instagram accounts

Instagram allows you to build 3 types of accounts, First  is a personal account, Second is a business account and third is a creator account. All of the accounts have different features.

Personal account

An Instagram personal account is the normal Instagram account that has some basic features. You can post, scroll the newsfeed, like, comment, share posts, upload Instagram stories, and send or receive messages. The personal account is mostly used when you want to connect with your family and friends and just for normal use.

Features provided by Instagram personal accounts.

  • Private: Personal account allows you to use the private feature which is not provided in the business and creator account. You can private your account and it is not accessible by only those people whose follow requests are accepted by you.
  •  Linked pages: You can link multiple Facebook pages with your personal Instagram account on the other hand business and creator account can only link to 1 Facebook account.

Business account

An Instagram business account allows you some premium features which are not provided in the personal account. The business account is mostly used by brands and companies for their marketing purpose, they can use it for their brand awareness and engagements. 

It also allows you to use the stats option which can show the stats of your account.

Features provided by Instagram business accounts

  • Insights: Instagram business account allows you the insights which is the best feature, in which you can check profile views, impressions, new followers, and the number of posts, reach, website clicks, and other insights.
  • Shopping and Checkout: A business account can tag products directly within an Instagram post.
  • Instagram Ads: Instagram is the same as a Facebook advertising platform, you can set up, run and track campaigns same like you do on Facebook. 
  • Promote Posts: You can promote your posts in your business account just like the boost option available on Facebook.
  •  Action Button: An Instagram business account having the call to action button just like “Contact”. In which you can add an email address, phone number, and location, etc.
  • Quick Replies: You can add a custom message which is called quick reply, it can be frequently asked questions (FAQs) or any other suitable message according to your service. It is also called an automatic reply.
  • Auto publishing: This is the best feature of the business account which can save a lot of time and make your task very easy. You can schedule your post, which means you can manage the post time and it can be automatically posted.
  • Inbox Management: Business account having advanced inbox filtering, in which you can filter your messages in 3 categories.
    1. Requests
    2. General
    3. Primary
  • Links on Stories: You can add links to Instagram stories if your followers are over 10k in your Instagram business account.
  • Content Approval: This feature allows you to restrict people to tag you in the post. This feature allows you to approve only branded content.

Creator account

Instagram introduced the creator account in 2019, this account is the same as a business account but has some differences. But the Instagram creator account isn’t compatible with some other features.

Features provided by Instagram Creator accounts

  • Shopping From Creator: The creator account having this feature, means you can tag products from the brand directly.
  • Creator Studio dashboard: In the same way as a business account having insights, the creator account has a creator studio dashboard. The additional feature is that you can see your followers online as well as the growth of your accounts and posts.
  • Creator Profile Labels: Just like a business account, a creator account categorized their profile with the help of profile labels. It means you can select the desired niche for your brand.

Ways to use Instagram for marketing.

Instagram is the 3rd biggest social platform that has many active users. There are almost 1 billion users who accessed Instagram and nearly 500 million daily active users who access Instagram daily.

How Can You Use Instagram Reels for Marketing?

Instagram reels are short video clips whose duration is up to 15 seconds, Instagram launched its reels feature on August 5, 2020, after the success of TikTok.

 With the passage of time, many Instagrammers shift to Tiktok due to the entertainment. Instagram doesn’t want to lose any of its users, that’s why they add new features.

Instagram Reels used by Instagrammers to increase their reach. It increases your reach after that they can convert it to your audience. Many Instagram marketers used it for their marketing because everyone can see these reels even if they are not followed by you.

How Can You Use Instagram Highlights for Marketing?

Instagram allows you to unload your videos and photos on highlight and this is permanent, on the other hand, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Just convert your stories into highlights and they cannot disappear.

Highlights are mostly used by celebrities and brands for their permanent posts and offers which can be valid for a long time.

Highlights are the best way for marketing because there is no limit for time, your followers can see your highlights anytime, even they can view them on the next day and next week. It depends upon how long you did not delete the highlights.

How Can You Use Instagram Stories for Marketing?

This Instagram feature is very useful and interesting and also private, no one can see your story on Instagram if you are not following them but if you still want to view and download Instagram stories, a StorySaver can help you to download and view their stories. 

Even if you followed them or not and they are following you or not.

Instagram stories are also used by many marketers for their new arrivals and brand awareness. They can upload Instagram stories and they disappear after 24 hours, this is the best way for daily updates.

 Celebrities and Instagrammers also upload their story, they can mostly use stories for personal branding and reach.

Is it possible to download Instagram stories, reels, and highlights directly from Instagram?

How to download Instagram stories? How to download Instagram reels and Highlights? Many Instagram users asked these questions, and it is possible to download Instagram reels. But it is not possible to download Instagram stories and highlights from direct Instagram.

How to download Instagram stories from your own account?

Is it possible to save your own stories? Yes, it is possible to save your own stories but not directly from Instagram. You have to use a tool, which is maybe an app or a website. Through story saver, you are able to download Instagram stories. 

How to download Instagram stories of other people?

If you want to download someone else’s Instagram stories you cannot download them directly from Instagram. In this situation what can you do? You can use a story saver which can help you to download Instagram stories even anonymously. is the best story saver which can help you in such a situation to download stories from your account and other people’s stories. Many story savers are available on the internet in the form of websites as well as apps.

What is a StorySaver?

StorySaver is just a tool that can help you to save and download Instagram stories anonymously. The plus point is that you don’t need to follow them. Instagram stories are the unique feature that is introduced by Instagram first, it is just like a WhatsApp status which disappears after 24 hours. Now Facebook also features stories on the top of the news feed.

Many Story savers are available on the internet in the form of a website and app, but some of them are paid and some of them have a pro version. is the best tool because of its interesting features.

Which Features of make it the best StorySaver?

Many features are provided by, some of the important features are as follows.

  • No registration needed

No sign-up log-in required, you can use it free without any registration. This is the unique feature that differs from other story savers. Other story savers are paid and some of them give you limited access to their features.

  • Flexible

This story saver is compatible with iOS, Mac and Windows as well as you can use it from Android and iPhone too. Just a 3 step procedure that is the easiest way to download or view anyone’s story.

  • Free For Saving Stories is giving you access to all features and it is free. There are no paid subscriptions and pro versions as other story saver offers. Plus point is that it has no limit to view or download stories, you can view or download as many stories as you want.

  • Secured

Every person needs security about their personal information. We use end-to-end encryption for your security, but it is your responsibility to don’t misuse anyone’s data which you can collect from our website. If you have any query related to that you can check our privacy policy which is related to our website.

  • Anonymous

The best feature of is you can view and download other people’s stories anonymously. It means they did not know about it.

  • Fast Story Saver

This Story Saver is very fast, easy and quick because it has only 3 steps to download anyone’s Instagram stories.

Steps on How to Download Instagram Stories Using StorySaver? View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Are you interested in other people’s stories and want to repost your stories? If yes then open our website and follow these steps to download Instagram stories using our Story Saver.

  1. On the very first step you have to find the person whose story you want to download.
  2. Copy his/her name and paste it in the search bar which is shown to you on the screen of Story Saver. Make sure you have spelled correctly
  3. The last step is to click on the get button now you can view and download Instagram stories.

How to Download Instagram Stories using Extension?

With a chrome extension, you can download Instagram stories as well. You have to add an extension into your browser and you can download stories with just one click. There are many extensions on the chrome store from where you can view and download Instagram stories.

Extension for view Instagram story

Chrome IG story is an example of a chrome extension, which is popular and very easy to use. With the help of this extension, you can view other people’s stories easily and quickly. Just add this extension in your browser and view anyone’s story, you can download it simply from the chrome store and ready to use.

Extension for download Instagram story

Instagram downloader is used to download Instagram stories, it allows you to download anyone’s story fast, easy and quick. This story saver is not a mobile app or web-based app, it’s an extension that you can add to a browser and ready to use.

How to Download Instagram Stories with Apps?

If you are a mobile user or you want to download other people’s Instagram stories, many apps are available which can help you to download Ig stories. These apps support both iPhone as well as android.

Top Apps For Downloading Instagram Stories

  1. Video downloader for Instagram This app is best to download instagram stories and it is free. You can simply download it from the play store on android and the app store on iPhone.
  2.  Save stories is also an instagram stories saver app that can be used to download Instagram stories. It is also free and very easy to use.


How to Download Instagram Stories or Download IG Stories on SmartPhone?

In just a few steps, you can download and save all videos and photo stories uploaded by an Instagram account. You only need to:

  1.  Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone
  2.  Find the profile whose stories you want to download
  3. Copy the username. However, you can also copy the profile URL
  4.  Paste it in the box on the StorySaver page or homepage
  5. Click the “Download” button
  6. That’s all. Stories will be saved immediately on your smartphone

How to Download Instagram Stories Online on iPhone?

You can download Instagram stories on your iPhone in easy steps with our website. You need to

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone
  2. Find the profile whose stories you want to download.
  3. Copy the username. However, you can also copy the profile URL
  4. Paste it in the box on the StorySaver Page or homepage
  5. Click the “Download” button
  6. That’s all. Stories will be saved immediately on your iPhone

How to Download IG Stories on Windows/Mac/Linux?

You can download Instagram Stories on Windows/Mac/Linux easily and free with our website. You need to

  1. Open the Instagram in your browser on windows
  2. Find the profile whose stories you want to download
  3. Copy the username. However, you can also copy the profile URL
  4. Paste it in the box on the Story Saver Page or home page
  5. Click the “Download” button
  6. That’s all. Stories will be saved immediately on your Windows.


Instagram is growing day by day and its users also increased. Now it depends upon us how we can use Instagram in the right way or right direction. 

As we all know about Instagram and its features we can use Instagram for many purposes like personal branding, brand awareness, and many more. We discussed in detail Instagram in this article and its features too. If you have any information regarding Instagram you can share it with us in the comments section.

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